Sheep attacker of yesteryear was eliminated from the air

THE recent attack on lambs at Reissgill while both savage and alarming is unfortunately not an isolated phenomenon. I covered a similar incident back in the 1960s when several sheep in the Munsary area were killed. Initially, it was Edward Darmady's flock that were hit, but other sheep in the area were targeted by what was believed to be a huge hound.
Attempts by a gang of shotgun armed-locals failed to track it down and drastic measures were called for. A helicopter was drafted in with police sergeant Jimmy More and his trusty 12-bore, . The chopper located the beast, dubbed the "Mad Dog of Munsary" and dispatched it. Grampian T.V cameraman Brian Peach was on board too to record the incident. I seem to recall the dog was a pet which had been released into the wild but can't swear to that, given the time lapse.
Hopefully the more recent offender will be brought to book. Over the years there have been claims of big animals being sighted.