Sheriff issues arrest warrant for 'evasive' Thurso man

A Sheriff has issued an arrest warrant for a missing prosecution witness in a trial.
The trial at Wick, was halted, yesterday afternoon, after it was explained that, despite the best efforts of the fiscal's office, Dominic Long remained absent.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, said that phone contact had eventually been made with Mr Long who said he thought the trial was next month.
He said he was at work "in a remote place" and when it was suggested that the police might be able to assist he replied he didn't know where he was. His boss was going to give him a lift but was then found to be unavailable.
Mr Barclay said: "It sounded like someone who was being deliberately evasive and unhelpful".
He added: " It is not often I ask for an arrest warrant but Mr Long is a key witness and the accused is currently on remand. The justice system is entitled to expect some degree of co-operation from witnesses rather than non-co-operation which having an impact on the proceedings."
The accused's lawyer, Christopher Munro, complained about the proposal to finish the trial tomorrow, saying there was no guarantee the police would be able to get the "reluctant" witness to court in time.
Mr Munro said: "He has already shown himself to be obstructive to the Crown and the police."
The solicitor made the point that, given a significant list of criminal business tomorrow, it might be difficult to conclude the trial.
Sheriff Berry said that the delay in starting the trial had been due to the pressure of other business and that finishing the trial tomorrow would be a priority, if the witness was available.