Children’s Umbrella and Welly Boot decoration parade. Get crafty and join us with your best decorated welly boots and umbrella’s for a parade round the harbour for your chance to win a prize!

Sunday 17th August at 1pm followed by the Caithness Strongman Competition at Thurso Harbour.

Event 1:
200kg Back Squat for Reps
(90 secs time limit, knee wraps allowed, no suits)

Event 2:
Lorry Arm-Over-Arm Pull
(20 metre distance for time)

Event 3:
Max. Axle Deadlift
(No straps or suits. Rising bar style. Starting at 220kg, going up in 20kg jumps to 260kg, then up in 10kg jumps)

Event 4:
300kg Yoke for Distance
(90 secs time limit, 20 metre track, drop and turn at ends for max. distance within time limit)

Event 5:
Overhead Press Medley
(105kg Log to be pressed once into 115kg Axle to be pressed once into 53kg Dumbell for max. reps in 90 secs. No belt cleans allowed)

Event 6:
Stones over Yoke for Reps
(Choice of 120kg - 1 point, 140kg - 2 points, 160kg - 3 points. Any stone can be rolled in at any time on competitors command. 90 secs time limit)

Big C Inflatables, face painting, food and stalls is planned. Event may vary and is weather permitting.

Car Boot sale: Places are still available at £5 please e-mail or txt 07834 185719 to book a place. Sell out your car or bring a table and your own cover.