I have been having a browse through bebo of all the members on here and there is quite a few bands from the North on there, does anyone have a complete list of all the bands on Bebo so I can know if I have missed any. So far I know about...

The Gaels
Crimson Tide
The Maydays
Betsy Twinkler
Empty Fortune

Are there anymore?

Also Chobbers if you read this can you set up a Bebo account, its much better than myspace because you can upload more than four songs and they load instantly. I'd like to hear more of you and Glebers stuff?

If anyone is interested in listening to my stuff (if you dare) my band name is "Midnight Moses" most of you will know where I got that name from, and its very much experimental Electronic Rock. The three songs at the bottom are the way my sound is now going, just have vocals and lead to work on some of them. I sample my own guitar and bass and occasionally drums and then I arrange and add synth work and effects. Dusty Head, Easy Way Out and No Mean City are the tracks I am currently trying to get finished and they are also the sound I am going for, most of the other tracks range from ambient to dance and were mostly done for fun and arrangement practice.


If you have a band on bebo or have your own music on beo please post us the link, I am compiling a Northern playlist on my personal profile, looking to get twenty different bands songs or two songs from ten different bands, the playlists can only be 20 songs long.