As part of our Wildflower Europe Festival, we have organised an experimental weekend event of making paper from plants and linen rag. The event will run between 10am - 4pm on 7th and 8th of June and will be held in Castlehill Heritage Centre by Joanne B Kaar, an excellent local artist. Joanne will take you through the process of turning them into paper by cutting, boiling and beating. A fun but messy process! As this is experimental, Joanne would like you to bring with you any soft garden vegetation (not wood or brances) and vegetable kitchen waste such as onion skins, potato peelings, celery and carrot tops for the group to try! You don't need to collect loads, a carrier bag full will be just fine - try to keep each plan fibre seperate if possible!
Booking is essential for this, so if you are interest please call 01955 609806 or email