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Thread: The Ailsa Craig

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    Default The Ailsa Craig

    Yon big bit o rock oot in the sea
    I've looked at ye for years
    I've seen ye so many times
    It disnae bring me ony cheers

    But Paddys Milestone ye crone oot to ma heart
    Cos there was a photie aw ye in the paper
    But I know when I visit ma very own kin
    I'll see ye sooner rather than later

    For ye see things in life day every day
    They look to us so boring
    But its in oor dreams we miss them most
    When yer fast asleep and snoring

    So ma dear Ailsa Craig fae Caithness to ye
    Wi yer seagulls in yer porries
    Cos ye seagulls arenae seagulls here
    Yer better known as scorries
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    Ah ken fit ye mean, Cedric ma pal
    It's the same wi' the Old Man o' Hoy
    It's a view ah once took fur granted
    When ah wis a girl, ye wur a boy

    But noo when ah see pictures o' him
    On pages o' this Caithness website
    Ah get tae feelin' sentimental
    Fightin' a tear wi' all o' ma might!

    Ah still mind o' the Ailsa Craig tae
    From childhood holidays in Ayrshire
    Risin' lek a mound oot o' the sea
    Far sooth fae the Caithness Causeymire

    Tae me she looked lek a loaf o' bread
    Fresh baked an' recht oot o' the oven
    Aye, ah mind the bonnie Ailsa Craig
    She's across 'e waater fae Girvin!
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    I am living for today, always remembering yesterday, and looking forward to tomorrow!

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