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Thread: Iformation on therapy groups in thurso

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    Default Iformation on therapy groups in thurso

    Hi there, i've been livingin thurso area on and off for 4 years, currently live in Dunnet.

    I'm looking for any information on support groups or meets in the thurso area for people who suffer from anxiety/panic/depression issues. If anyone has any information on things like this (i know about community mental health team etc im looking for informal groups for help and suport)
    It would be greatly appreciated.

    Also i am myself looking to set up a weekly meet up for peoplewith these issues myself, just a friendly informal group of people sharing experiences/symptoms etc and possibly getting a good support network set up. I feel sometimes that seeing a therapist on a regular basis is a great thing and also seeing professionals in other areas are a fantastic step forward.... but... I also believe that when we suffer from these issues wether its mild to moderate anxiety/panic or depresssion from very day life or on a higher level, it always feels better talking to people who know how you feel and are going through the same problems. reassurance is key and thats what i want to offer....... but i need feedback to knowif its worth my while setting up an informal group where people feel under no obligation to actually come and speak you can just come and listen and ask for advice, help, support, information on medications etc.

    (i have varying experience in anxiety management, panic disorders and depression, therapy and coping techniques and would love to be able to help others who suffer from the same sort of problems i have had and go through)

    If anyone would find this of use please contact me via the forum or you can email me on

    Also as this is a very personal subject feel free to contact me personally rather than posting as i know that it can be a embarassing issue.

    thanks in advance and i hope i get a good ammount of feedback

    Kitty x
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    I think this is a great idea and many people would join
    Live for today as tomorrow may never come

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    thank you ive only had one reply so im hoping if i post a time place and date people will actually show up. It may be in dunnet unfortunately but im hoping that if people communicate well and have transport they can give other people lifts if needed, dunnet not too far out for anyone who lives in thurso it is only 10 mins in a car or 15 mins on the bus, I was hoping once it all got going that we could incorperate beach walks/forrest walks with some mild meditation to help anxiety and induce calm..... you got to admit dunnet beach is stunning and peaceful.

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    Hi there I think it's a fantastic idea and I can offer support as I am a trained therapist. Please feel free to pm for details

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    Have you had any contact with the Highland User Group who meet in Stepping Stones, Riverside, Thurso? A very helpful group and meeting place, open every day. I am a trained counsellor in Thurso and have been working for here for over 14 years. If you pm me I can give you my website address.

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