Once again our talent in Caithness shines out on top..
Rush.dance comp kids travelled to Motherwell to take part in one of Scotlands biggest Street dance compititions, The young kids from Wick & Thurso had been working hard on the run up to this massive comp, they had high hopes to do well but were nervous aswell as they knew the best street dancers from around scotland would be taking part..

results on the day -
Troy Giles (age 4) took to the floor fro his first time and danced fantastic in U5's solo section, with his trechers & parents real proud of him.
U8 Nov *WINNER* Chloe MacGregor
U10 Nov *WINNER* Laya Cowie, 4th place Rhiannon Mackay
U10 Inter 7th place Tyler Hutton
U16 Inter *WINNER* Rebecca Miller

U10 Nov 7th place Chloe MacGregor/laya cowie, Tyler/Rhiannon made semi finals.

reflecting on how well the kids have done, we have some of the best dancers in Scotland for there age's and they are all starting to show there potential each time they compete. Rush.dance classes are going great in both Wick & Thurso, we do always take on new kids that are looking to join our talented group.
Next up for the comp kids is Maximum Street dance comp in Dundee next month with more comp kids taking part & New kids that have just joined our compitition classes, so it will be great to get the new kids out competing.

We have just started a New term, with spaces in all our classes Wick & Thurso

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Bring'in tha ATTITUDE, Rush.dance