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Thread: Garden Tips

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    Default Garden Tips

    I use this tip i read a while back, it saves a lot of time
    Keep all your toilet roll and kitchen roll holders, fill up with compost and place your pea seeds in them, it saves so much time having to separate the roots, when they are ready to plant in ground just place the whole roll as the cardboard will rot itself.

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    Good tip Highlander, too late for the herbs but will try it with other seeds, thanks
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    That's a good idea. I was wondering what to do with all the roll ends now I know. They will be good for the sweetpeas. Some years I sow them in cells but last yera I was lazy and had them in trays and I hated having to pull them apart lol even though I still got a good show it would be better for planting doing them in the tubes. Thanks

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