I'm sorry that Christmas shopping seems to start earlier each year but people have such busy lives these days that it's good to be able to plan.

We have already got our Christmas chocolates on display and, as every year, we have Ice Cream Cakes available to order from Rizza's of Huntly. They are in various designs such as Santa's Face, Christmas Tree, Yule Log, Christmas Dumpling and in various portion sizes. We have an illustrated price list in the shop (Meiklejohns, 5 Thurso Street, Wick) and are happy to post one out for you to see what's available if it's inconvenient for you to call in. Just message me here with your name and address details or use the contact form on our FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/meiklejohnsconfectioners and I will put one in the post to you. Deliveries are received every fortnight so in essence we only have 3 left before Christmas although extra deliveries are sometimes laid on. If you would like to order, please do so as early as possible so we can ensure your request is accommodated. Depending on our freezer capacity, we will be able to keep the cakes for you until you are able to collect them.

Customers have been delighted with the quality and taste so why not try something different for a dessert? Ice Cream birthday cakes are available too.