Hi, I am a newly registered participant. My reason for joining was casually noticing through a search elsewhere an old thread on the history of Viewfirth that mentioned my family, with some errors and confusion. That thread is closed but I thought it worth providing some information because I visit Caithness annually from Australia where I live and it has become obvious that many people living there are relative newcomers to the north.

My grandfather, Thomas Greig Ironside, was rector at Millar Academy and lived in Fairview (still exists in the town), then Viewfirth, with my grandmother May (not Dina as was suggested). My grandmother was also a teacher at Millar Academy and held two university degrees, quite an achievement in those days. My grandparents had three boys, George, David and William (Bill). Old TG (Tinribs) died in 1958 as I recall but May lived for many years after, finally residing in the little cottage when Viewfirth was taken over by Dounreay Social Club.

Descendents of TG and May still live in Caithness, but George is now in Edinburgh, David in Perth Australia, and Bill in Haster. As the eldest son of George, I live in Canberra Australia, have 4 daughters and 6 grandchildren all living in Australia.

I'm happy to chat to people with an interest in the family or Viewfirth - I have a lot of memories myself of the old building. For those who were concerned about it being demolished, so were we, but even at the time my father was a child living there (in the 1930s and 1940s), the building was full of dry rot and woodworm. While the facade was in good condition the rest was not possible to refurbish. Before it was demolished, and still being used, I was lucky enough to be allowed to look through it with a cousin still in Caithness and it was clear that the building was not a shadow of its original self.