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Thread: The Death Penalty

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    I agree with your comment.
    Only when there is ‘irrefutable’ evidence available.......and even then these instruments can be falsified!

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    There will be some folk who, when collapsing onto the pavement with a knife sticking out of their chest, will still believe its an optical illusion, or maybe some photoshopping.

    I wonder how victims view such protectionism for murderers? "Sorry, you must have imagined it. Your nearest and dearest maybe wernt murdered after all. Your eyes deceived you, and that video evidence you captured is obviously falsified, as was simultaneously, evidence from 7 CCTV cameras and 43 onlookers who could do nothing more useful than film it on their mobiles. After all, the perp is obviously innocent, and hadnt really just been released from jail for murdering his wife. You must have imagined that too....."

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    Honestly, it’s just not as simple as you make it out to be.
    Take the Pic of your Prince William.
    One camera shot shows him raising his hand.....another at a different angle shows him using the middle finger!
    I am neither for nor against. BUT I wouldn’t want to be the guy who slipped thru the cracks, and was Hanged by the Neck until Dead!

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    I don't think you're quite understanding the meaning of irrefutable. The Prince William pictures are refutable as they don't corroborate each other.

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    It’s not that simple.
    The Judge can, and usually does disallow similar ‘fact’ evidence. If you have Too Many witness you are ‘stitching up’ the suspect.
    There are many matters that cannot be introduced in evidence.
    Then there is Continuity of every exhibit. Was it tampered with and the list goes on.
    The natural reaction is to kill the ......wherever we live there are appropriate descriptors!
    And the condemned person has to be specially segregated for many years(costs).....generally 10/20 years before all the appeals take place.
    The longest time on Death Row was 40 years and the man died of natural causes.
    Is it worth it?
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    And therein lies the problem.

    All so that countless relatives of lost loved ones in the future have to ask "Why?"

    Folk can blame availability of weapons, but as long as people have hands, then the issue is the availability of murderers.

    No doubt the same snowflakes will today be mourning the execution of the Thai gunman, denied his right to a fair trial. Denied the right to appeal. Denied the right to go to jail and be let out in a couple of years to do it again.

    No, the Thai authorities got that one right, but I wonder how many candlelit vigils will be held for him?

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    You are correct!
    And of course the Media are also to blame.
    Just take the situation with the current ‘goings on’ in America, with the and Democrats who are supported by CNN, and Republicans are backed by Fox News, just to mention two opinions. Then you have the other media. e.g. newspapers and Rush Limbaugh ‘who can make their point’ any way they want.
    The public look to them for guidance.
    Its a continual struggle for a viewpoint, and who is to blame or not and what should occur.
    The Death Penalty has always been a ‘contentious Issue’. And it will remain so.
    Yes...’an eye for an eye’. But in the scheme of things is it worth it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by orkneycadian View Post
    No doubt the same snowflakes will today be mourning the execution of the Thai gunman, denied his right to a fair trial. Denied the right to appeal. Denied the right to go to jail and be let out in a couple of years to do it again.
    Oddly enough, I have yet to hear of anyone coming out in sympathy with the Thai gunman. By now, I would have expected all the anti capital punishment campaigners to have detailed how the poor man has been stitched up. How all the evidence has been tampered with, the livestream photoshopped and in fact that the events he was wrongly executed for never even happened. It was all CGI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orkneycadian View Post
    If China can knock up 2 hospitals with a combined capacity of 2500 beds in a couple of weeks, surely it's not beyond us to knock up some formidable prisons in the same time?
    I see that whilst China can knock up some 1000 bed pucker looking hospitals in a week or so, we revert to shipping containers

    Click image for larger version. 

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    But that's good, even if more primitive than it could be. But if its good enough for hospital patients, then its certainly good enough for prisoners. Get the shipping container prisons built. By the end of the month, our prison overcrowding problem will be solved, and crims will start thinking twice about committing heinous crimes. Especially if some of the containers have stickers with "Death Row" on them.

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    What we need is something like Alcatraz. I've put some thought into this, I think compulsary purchase of Fair Isle is in order. Build your 'containerised' prison. Install cctv to monitor the place, plus radar to monitor the seas around it. Doubt you would need any guards. Simple, cheap and could well cut re-offending if you have had to spend a winter there.

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    As our governments can't even stop landlubbers coming across the English Channel in toy boats, I think we'll need more than radar to deter even the most inept of a springing party.

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    Here is an interesting story to check on views. Clearly guilty of murder, tendancy towards violence, which will probably be with him for life, good family with stable home life. Should he be hanged?

    I personally doubt he will ever contribute anything positive to society and will likely kill someone else in rage so , yes, hang him.

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    Had there been the deterrant of the death penalty, then the victim would probably still be alive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orkneycadian View Post
    Had there been the deterrant of the death penalty, then the victim would probably still be alive.

    Probably not...

    I don't think many (if any) murderers are making that calculation in their head as they commit the act... They either convince themselves that they can get away with it so it doesn't matter, or something just snaps & they don't really care at the time.
    “We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine....
    And the machine is bleeding to death."

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    Then in that case(s) they are nothing other than danger to the rest of us, and never likely to change their ways.

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