I have no wish to discuss the death penalty.

If I start a thread on say - cars, and someone brings up the subject of hamsters, I still wish to discuss the subject of cars.

If I wish to discuss the nature of Democracy, then that is what I wish to discuss.

If someone wishes to discuss a particular aspect of Democracy, then they are fully entitled to do so; but if it becomes a diversion then it merits another thread.

There appears to be a constituency on these boards for a discussion of the Death Penalty which is one of the topics that one might bring into a micro-examination of hundreds of Democratic issues, but since my intention was rather more Meta I decline to take part in this discussion.

This is something I did not bring up and had/ have no wish to discuss, for good reasons of my own.

I am led to wonder that if I started a thread on any topic whatsoever if it could be turned into a discussion of the Death Penalty; maybe I should start one on Ham Sandwiches and see where that goes.

However, if you wish to do so, please discuss the Death Penalty on this thread.

I shall not be taking part, shall not be advertising my views and will not post on this thread at all.

Knock yersel' out guys...