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Thread: Bass Guitar

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    Default Bass Guitar

    I'm going through another one of my mid-life phases. I've always wanted to have a go at playing bass.

    On a visit to Dundee I ended up buying a Flea bass (the "unfinished" model, which I thought looked really good). I should add that I was impressed by the enthusiasm and helpfulness at Kenny's Music and it came as no surprise that they sold a few guitars and amps during the time I spent there.

    Perhaps the bassists in the Org can suggest a few songs that I should learn to get me started. I'm hoping to learn complete songs rather than just random riffs.

    Teen Spirit and Basket Case are on my list.

    Any other suggestions, hints or tips?

    My supplementary question relates to amps. I am using an old guitar combo at the moment. It will do for now. Any recommendations on bass amps/brands to consider for the future? Something loud enough for modest jamming but I'd prefer to avoid a hernia while carrying it.

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    My advice would be to learn your way around the neck so as to get a feel for where the root notes lie and their octaves. Then learn and practise (a lot) standard rock n roll "walking bass" in the keys of E, A and C.
    You`ll find you can play most rock tunes then. Speak to a keybord player as well if you can. They will teach you about scales which is great stuff for practise.

    Lessons are fine, but it`s best to find your own way. All bass players are different, so don`t try to copy any single one. Good playin`, bud.

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