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Thread: 'E' Rock Concert - April 2nd 2005 TICKETS ON SALE NOW

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    Default 'E' Rock Concert - April 2nd 2005 TICKETS ON SALE NOW

    'E' Rock Concert - Saturday 2nd April 7pm
    Thurso Viewfirth Main Hall

    Bands performing :-

    (Inverness band who have supported Biffy Clyro and InMe)






    Tickets cost 4 and are available from Thurso & Wick Music shops any of the bands or on the door. All ages welcome.

    We're hoping for a good turnout of all ages of live music fans to help support Thurso's dying music scene.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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    Sound's good mate, i'll be there.

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    Really looking forward to playing alongside Findo Gask.

    Should be a great night.

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    Excellent. This is great to see. I, for one, I'm thrilled at the big line-up. My best wishes for a fantastic night.

    My only worry - and this isn't a dampner - is that the event is promoted correctly, and, that, everything is done to ensure some momentum is gathered (i.e. another night happens the following month).

    If the organisers are out there, I'll be happy knowing that: bill posters are covering every possible space across the county (traffic light posts and barn doors included); the local media have been informed - and are previewing/reviewing the show; money is being invested in advertising; people from all bands are out on the streets and in pubs handing out flyers; local radio is reminding everyone when the show is on (I imagine they're interviewing the bands/playing their music in the run-up/ going to air the gig live(?); block emails are being sent out to let friends and family know about the show; that the venue itself is doing all it can to promote the show.

    I'm assuming all these bases have been covered? If so, the show should be packed to the rafters. There's almost 15,000 people in Thurso (including Halkirk and Castletown respectively), the music styles seem quite eclectic - face it, there's no real competition on the night in terms of real live entertainment.

    I look forward to hearing a review of how it went.

    All the best!

    ps Why not advertise the show as letting every tenth person in for free? Just my tuppence worth.

    pps If it doesn't go well - I'm sure it will be won't - then please don't lose heart. Double your efforts and make the next one even better.

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    Hi Pepsi Challenge. I'm one of the promoters for the upcoming ERC show. We fully understand the importance of advertising and as of this weekend hope to have Caithness plastered in posters and flyers. Two of the bands (Crimson Tide and BossHogg) will also be flyering a gig at Thurso high school tonight as I believe alot of the local support is in Caithness' kids. The local press will hopefully be running an article the week before the show, and we have at least two shows on Caithness FM talking about the gig and playing tracks from some of the bands.
    Trying to get interest back into a live music scene for Caithness is something i'm very passionate about, and am really hoping for a decent turnout. Where else are you going to get 6 bands for 4?

    Anyway, hope you can make it along. Thanks for the advice.

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    Good to hear from you J Wishbone. Looks like you're in store for a fantastic night. Sadly, I won't be there. But as someone with a keen interest in Caithness' musical talent and progress, I'll be there in spirit, if anything.



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    I always seem to be on holiday when ever there is a gig on , Im sure it won't be the last. I'll go to the next one,

    but good luck and have a great night.
    Poor Old Boni ain't been the same since he lost his Brain.

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    Well done to all the bands who played last night. I enjoyed myself and i think everyones taste was catered for with the different types of bands who played. Good job guys.

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