Owner fined after dog attack

A Staffordshire terrier attacked another dog in a Wick street, the town's justice of the peace court heard yesterday.
Alan Trail, 34, admitted responsibility for the attack, as the dog's owner, and was fined 70. The incident occurred in Wellington Street, Wick, on June 28, last year, after the dog jumped out of the accused's car and took off.
The terrier was on an exceptionally long lead which enable it to reach another dog and inflict injury.
The court was told that since the incident, Trail, of 20 Murchison Street, Wick, had taken precautions to ensure there would be no repetition, including a shorter lead and a muzzle.

Failed to give way

Philip Seddon failed to give way at a junction at Georgemas, near Thurso, and collided with an oncoming car.
Seddon, of Forester's Cottage, isle of Eigg, admitted careless driving and was fined 200.
He was said to have misjudged the distance and speed of the other vehicle when he emerged from the junction on December, last year.
Seddon, 55, incurred four penalty points in addition to the fine.

Costly phone call

THE call Kevin Imlach took on his mobile phone proved costly, for he was behind the wheel of his car at the time.
Imlach, 32, admitted the offence and was fined 60.
The accused, who lives at 3 A Ormlie Hill, Thurso, also incurred three penalty points.
The offence occurred while he was driving in the town's Sir George's Street, on October 31, last year.