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Thread: Flag Football

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    Default Flag Football

    I was wondering if anyone in Caithness has heard of this, I have played it in the USA and it is great fun. For those who like American Football but don't feel like going to the expense of buying all the gear and wearing pads and stuff, this is a great way of playing American football, you can play it on any piece of playing field or flat grassy area. Mostly known as Flag Football it is sometimes also known as Touch Football.

    The rules pretty much follow that of American Football except some of the roughness is taken out of it because when a runner has the ball instead of manhandling them to the ground with a hefty tackle, the aim is to remove the flag or hankerchief that is tucked in the top of their shorts or trousers, once you pluck the flag you drop it, the nxt play commences where the flag is dropped.

    You can pretty much play it in any clothing. There are defensive and offensive blockers so its not completely a non contact sports. Each side has a quarterback, blockers and runners. The game starts in the middle of the playing area, a coin toss decides who will be offense first, at the start of the game the man in the middle "center" passes back to the quarter back who hands off to a runner who then has to get as far as he can towards the end zone without losing his flag. In some forms of the game there is no forward pass from the quarter back so there is no interception, and in some there is, its up to the organisers how they want to play it, if you play with the forward pass the defense must make a clean interception without touching an offensive players and then must bring it forward until his flag is removed.

    Its great fun, and have to admit it does get pretty rowdy amongst the blockers

    Anyone interested in the rules check this link...

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