When walking with our dog and my children (the youngest being only 5 years old, ) along willow bank out towards staxigoe the older one asks why is the so much dog poops on the gound, as I was about to answer him the little pipes up cause there stupid you can get poop bags from council offices ( he didn't say council offices but tried to explan where we get them from for FREE ) If a young child know its wrong to let your dog fowl on the pavement and where to get FREE dog bags from then what's the problem with these dog owners. You don't like picking it up tuff it's part of caring for your pet,God help any pram wheels that have to go up that way no wheel would be in touchedPeople blame the highland council for plenty but they are giving free bags and there is at least 2 dog bins on willow bank If they poop it you should scoop it !!!!!!