Fit! No Parcel ?
by Chimmagie MacGonagle

( A Lament of one who has never received a food parcel.)
c. 1951

Nobody sends me a parcel
Nobody gi'es me a bean
A've got till exist on ma rations,
With never a bite between.
A hear o' wonderful 'goodies'
That come fae ower 'e sea
Oh! why will no' a kind he'rted fairy
Send one feedie parcel til me?

Mrs MacKay in the Terrace
( A starve would do her some good )
Last week hed a parcel delivered
Burstin it's sides full o' food;
In it were sliced ham and peaches
An' tins o' butter an' fat,
But Postie ne'er comes till ma door
Wi' a nice beeg parcel lek 'at!

If only I hed a relation
In Canada or U.S.
Or else a pal in Australia
A'd no be grousin', A guess
But then I suppose A'd be braggin'
Aboot the food A got free;
An' sayin' till Jean, Liz an' Barrie
''How wid ye lek till be me?'