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Thread: Nikon D70 not recoriding images

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    Default Nikon D70 not recoriding images

    I have a Nikon D70 which has suddenly stopped recording images onto a memory card.
    It goes through all the motions of taking shot but when I come to look at image, either on back of camera or on PC, there is nothing on it, just totally black.
    I have tried soft and hard re-sets, tried different lenses and memory cards but nothing changes.
    Any ideas?

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    Try formatting the cards before you use them either in camera or in a reader, though I suspect this sounds terminal. The D70 is a very early DSLR you may want to try here
    to get a replacement. The good thing about Nikon is that almost all their cameras are backward compatible so any lenses that work on the D70 will be compatible with recent models.
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    Thanks for that cards have been formatted and work well in other camera.
    Have found a link to Nikon Tech Support so have e-mailed them. cheers

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