This morning there were 395+ seals on the beach at Sannick. Their behaviour was the same as previous years with young bulls and cows testing out their prowess. This is something i have been watching for 7 years and have taken hundreds of pictures and video during that time. The seals in the past would remain on the beach until 9-10am but now dog walkers are hitting the beaches earlier and the seals are sent scrambling into the sea and denied there haul out site. This haul out lasts for about 8 weeks before the pregnant seal switch to the pup beaches. There are acres of Common land near this beach where at this time of year you disturb nothing yet people walk a beach where they know seals are hauled out and pups can be born. I just can't understand the mentality and ignorance of some people and their inability to hold a coverstion without resorting to threatening and abusive language.
I've been promoting that beach on the web for a place for tourist to visit because of the seal behaviour which occurs early in the morning and this behaviour takes place at very few locations in Scotland.
It's no wonder tourist give Caithness a miss.

I did see my first Grey seal pup of the season this morning near the Duncansby Stacks, unfortunately it was either stillborn or the Gulls got to it while it's mum was away.