Last chance offender warned of custody consequences of breaking bail

A PERSISTENT offender, making yet another appearance in court, on charges of police assault and disorderly conduct, has been given a chance by a sheriff.
However, Cheryl Fleming was warned by Sheriff Andrew Berry if she failed to comply with the terms of her conditional bail, she would find herself back in custody.
Fleming (40) admitted shouting and swearing outside a house in Kennedy Terrace, Wick on September 6. She had been trying to speak to the person she regarded as her boyfriend, who was engaged in a drinking session. However, the relationship was ‘off’ so far as he was concerned, and he didn’t want to talk to her.
When the police arrived on the scene, Fleming, of Huddart St, Wick, lashed out at them kicking the officers and struggling when they attempted to put her into the patrol car. She shouted and swore at them, on arrival at the local police station.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said that given the accused’s record, a prison sentence was open to the sheriff but he appealed to him to consider an alternative sentence which would give her an opportunity to address her drinking.
Sheriff Berry pointed out that alternatives had been tried on numerous occasions and Fleming had repeatedly breached her bail conditions. However, he was prepared to give it ‘a try”.
Warning Fleming about the consequences of a further breach, the sheriff granted her bail with the condition that she does not enter Kennedy Terrace. The accused will reappear, for sentence on October 22 when a background report will be before the court.

Brandished knife in street

THE sheriff has called for a background report on a teenager who brandished a knife in public.
Latiesha Bremner was observed by police dealing with an unrelated matter, on July 15, going from Macrae Street into Upper Dunbar Street, Wick with the kitchen knife, making various comments that she was going to self-harm herself and she was taken into custody.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, said that concerned police stressed that that the 19-year-old had not threatened anyone else. He added that it appeared that Bremner, of Macrae Street, had not taken medication she was supposed to have taken.
Sentence on the accused, who admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, and a record, was deferred until October 22 for a background report.