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The banner ads are supplied via Google advertising. We signed up to delete certain types of ads but we do not control it directly. Google advertising tracks many things to decide which ads to display on any given page. It is not related directly to Caithness.org but partially to profiling from searches you make online. The probability is that most of you see a different ad even when looking at the same page as everyone else. If you recently searched for cars then you may see more car ads. Of course there are many factors and I cannot say why you get an ad like the one you saw. I will look into it to see if anything needs tweeked.
I hadn't been aware of these: but I use Mozilla Firefox as my web browser with the free extension "Adblock Plus" installed with its default Easylist set of filters.
Makes web browsing faster as well.
You can also add your own extras, and exceptions to the built-in rules:
For example the Dundee Courier displays its "Family announcements" from a webiste http://adzone.dcthomson.co.uk/ which is blocked by default.
You can then add an exception to the normal rules so that these can be displayed.

The other great thing about Firefox if you use multiple computers is that you can synchronise your bookmarks (and more such as passwords which I don't do). So my PCs, Macs and Linux servers all have the same set of bookmarks. I used to use the Xmarks plugin, which was actually better because you could go to their website for your bookmarks even if you weren't on your own computer.