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Thread: Thurso Music Scene: 1986-1996

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    Quote Originally Posted by cullbucket View Post

    Well my favourite memory was during a viewfirth outdoors gig in the late 80s or early 90s when Stenching Mr Stanley were playing.... Pie had recently been barred from the central for plugging brian after a drinking competition with sinky and was still wild about the whole affair.
    They were playing Hang the DJ and Pie changed the words to "Burn down the Central" .... we were rolling with laughter... suppose the drink may have had omething to do with it....
    Any band with Mad had to be up there in them days......
    I remember that well, cullbucket! What a laugh. If there were ever a top 10 list of quality rock 'n' roll moments it would certainly be up there. Anything that involves Sinky is gonna cause some kind of controversy. We'll never see Pie's like again, who, to be fair, was a charismatic singer and frontman. More so that day. Brilliant.

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    just for some further information,there is an excellent archive link to the wick band communique on w.oliphants web site who are still playing,having been on the go since about 1981,all be it with a slightly different line up.

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    morayfirthaudio Guest


    fantastic info, cheers Rob, Its a good idea for a CD and dare I say it... how about a revival concert over a couple of days, like a school reunion but just for the bands

    Its a good year for 80s & 90s bands to reform

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    Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1991? Reunions sound nice, and who doesn't like wallowing in nostalgia from time to time - however, would anyone really care if any of these bands got back together, even for a one-off? I'd go.

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    morayfirthaudio Guest


    Long, long, time ago (in the words of Don Maclean) I would have recorded some bands live at the Weigh Inn, on cassette, so the quality is rubbish but I may have some Mr McKenzie, Scooty & The Skyhooks (original) Koda, and may have some others, all these would have been live recordings, if I can get my act together I will let you know later what I have, also just as a point, how about posting some old photos on here? I would love to see photos of all the guys in about it?

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    Had digital photography been so widely available, affordable and accessible, I reckon we'd have picked up some amazing pictures from those days. Myself, I probably only have a couple lying around. One of my pals, and a regular on the gig front back then, has a whole book full of photographs. Trouble is getting him back to Caithness and finding the book within his folks' house. I can but try.

    Convert those tapes to CD and I'd soon buy them off you.

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