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Thread: Basking shark spotted just off Wick bay

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    Default Basking shark spotted just off Wick bay

    Was oot on e boat last night and spotted a small (15ft long) Basking shark feeding just off the South side of Wick bay. I stayed with it and watched for about 15 mins and I got a few videos of it. Glad to see one again, as I saw nothing last year after a brilliant year of seeing marine wildlife the year afore that. Roll on e summer! Canna wait!

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    My two sons and three grandchildren went South of Wick on the Caithness Explorer last summer and drew alongside a very large Basking shark just about opposite Longberry, it was a great experience for them.

    Can you post a clip?
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    yeh pics and video or it never happened, would be amazing to see a shark up here "if in a boat not in water " lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by bodster View Post
    yeh pics and video or it never happened, would be amazing to see a shark up here "if in a boat not in water " lol
    Basking Sharks not uncommon off Caithness, bodster. Saw a large one in Dunnet Bay two years ago. They appear to have been appearing in Scottish waters earlier than usual this year


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    Live in Stornoway and for last two years have had Basking Sharks in the small bay in front of house.

    Last August (think it was) had a visitor from Wick over, sitting in dining room she asked if that was a seal in the water - looked and said no it was a basking shark, watched it for quite some time.
    The year before I saw fins and thought watever they are is going to get caught in the shallows, tried to find out what they were, contacted the coastguard as they are across the bay and asked them what mammals were in the bay as there seemed to be quite a few and did not want any more strandings in the bay - luckily they knew there had been 3 basking sharks at the entrance to the harbour for quite some time so they had moved a couple of hundred yards to this little bay, great to watch them.

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