Facility will enable blind and partially-sighted to vote

TACTILE devices are being provided at each of the 271 polling stations being used for the Highland Council elections on Thursday 3 May to give blind and partially sighted people the chance to vote at a polling station.
Presiding officers and polling clerks, who are on duty at the poling stations, are available to assist voters who request use of this provision. The tactile voting device uses a braille overlay which attaches to the ballot paper and allows blind or partially sighted people to vote.
Sharon Mackinnon, Client Services Manager with Sight Action, Inverness , said: ďThe tactile voting system is an effective and simple device that removes a barrier to voting for blind and partially sighted people, who welcome the option of taking an active part in the election by visiting a polling station and voting in person.Ē
Polling stations are open between 7 am and 10 pm on Thursday 3 May. A total of 170 candidates are seeking election to the 80 seats on The Highland Council. There are 14 four-member wards and 8 three-member wards.
Voters are reminded that they should use numbers on the ballot paper and not a cross, placing numbers against the name of candidates in order of choice, using 1, 2, 3 and so on. Voters can make as many or as few choices as they wish. They donít have to number every candidate. As long as the voter numbers at least one candidate, their vote will be counted. If a voter makes a mistake on their ballot paper, they can ask for a new one.
If voters have not yet received a poll card they should contact the Councilís Election Helpline on 01349 886657.
The count will take place at Inverness Leisure, Bught Lane, Inverness, on Friday 4 May.
The Highland electorate is 176,226, 27,273 of whom have applied to vote by post.