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Thread: Cases from today's sheriff court session

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    Default Cases from today's sheriff court session

    Jail and two years pub ban for petrol bomb threat pair

    TWO Thurso men, who threatened to petrol bomb a local pub, were jailed at Wick Sheriff Court today and baned from the premises for two years.
    Mark Macleod (28) received four months and his co-accused was sentenced to 140 days.
    Sheriff Andrew Berry described the incident as “disgraceful behaviour” and noted that it had happened only nine days after the pair were made subject to community payback orders, which he viewed as “an insult to the authority of the court.”
    Macleod, of Pennyland Drive and McGrory(30) who lives in Falconer Waters Court, had previously admitted threatening or abusive behaviour.
    Initially, McGrory was on his own in the Commercial Bar. However, he was joined by Macleod who was “not welcome” at the pub.
    He was asked to leave by owner Scott Youngson and the two accused responded by shouting and swearing. Outside they shouted the petrol bomb threat through a window.
    Solicitor Neil Wilson said that McGrory appreciated his behaviour had been unacceptable and did not offer alcohol as an excuse. He had a drink problem but had declared he never wanted to touch alcohol again which his solicitor described as “perhaps an over ambitious pledge”.
    Solicitor Jo McDonald said that Macleod realised the frightening effect the threat must have had for Mr Youngson and his staff. Ms McDonald claimed that the threat had, in fact, been made by McGrory but accepted that law did not make a distinction in such cases and Macleod was equally guilty. Macleod was also determined to stop drink.
    Both men apologised for their conduct and were expecting custodial sentences.
    In addition to these, Sheriff Berry imposed fresh community payback orders of 160 hours for Macleod and 150 in respect of McGrory.

    Indecent images allegation

    A HALKIRK man was been accused of having been concerned in the taking of indecent images.
    Malcolm Donn (40) made no plea or declaration during a private appearance and was released on bail, pending further inquiry.

    Bail breacher runs out of chances

    A WICK woman, who scorned the chance she was given for breaching a bail condition for the second time in two days, was jailed for four months.
    Sheriff Fleming, of the town’s Huddart Street, pleaded guilty. She twice broke a bail condition banning her from approaching or contacting Peter Vercoelen, of Kennedy Terrace, Wick. Sheriff Berry said that that Fleming appeared to have “no interest whatsoever” in the difficulties she caused everyone concerned, including herself and didn’t seem to be able to grasp the terms of bail orders.
    He commented on the fact that only days after failing to comply with the first order, the accused had repeated the offence and added: “I can only hope that by imposing a custodial sentence, you will grasp the fact that you have to behave.”

    Revved engine-made tyres

    A young Wick man was fined 200 and banned for a month when he admitted a charge of careless driving.
    He was Andrew Mackenzie, of Pentland View, East Mey. Police attention was drawn to the noise of the accused’s car and its spinning tyres, in Thurso’s Riverside Road, on August 1, last year.
    Solicitor Jo McDonald said that Mackenzie (19) accepted that his behaviour was “extremely stupid”. He had since sold the car which was too powerful for him, in favour of a “fairly modest Corsa”.
    Sheriff Berry commented that such actions by young inexperienced drivers in cars they lacked the skills and experience to handle, were “decidedly unwelcome” because of the number of people they affected, particularly in towns.

    Spat on policeman

    Maxwell Tuck was sentenced to four months detention after admitting charges of assault and threatening or abusive behaviour.
    The 18-year-old who lives in Park Avenue, Thurso, was said to have shouted and swore at his mother at his home on January 29, and threatened police officers and spat on one of them.
    Sheriff Berry told him that the spitting incident was “wholly inappropriate” and had made matters even more serious.
    Tuck also had a community payback order extended by three months.

    Harboured girl

    A MAN, who harboured a girl after she had absconded from a children’s home, was said by the sheriff to be the most unsuitable person for a community sentence, he had ever encountered.
    Brendon Stevens, of St Clair Avenue, Scrabster had previously admitted concealing the 14-year-old at his home and charges of breaching bail and community service.
    The girl had been allowed out to attend a dance but was later traced to Stevens’ home in Scrabster.
    He initially denied all knowledge of her but was found to be lying soon afterwards.
    Sheriff Berry, who saw a background report, described Stevens as a person who had been given every chance and had thrown in back in the faces of people who had tried to help.
    He added: “I take the view that a custodial sentence is the only appropriate disposal.”
    Stevens (19) was sentenced to 10 months detention and will be also be subject to a six months good behaviour order, after his release.
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    In "Bail breacher runs out of chances" item, the accused's name should read Cheryl Fleming not as stated.
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