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Thread: Common or Palmate Newt?

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    Default Common or Palmate Newt?

    Mrs Rheg found a newt at her work and initially claimed it was a common newt, but she later identified it as a palmate newt after getting home and looking it up on wikipedia. Has anyone seen the palmate newt in the far north? Cheers

    No pic unfortunately.

    EDIT, just seen that Palmate newts are known in the county via the biodiversity page on org.
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    You've already answered your own question, but I'm pretty sure one of the Highland rangers, Paul Castle, showed us one on a walk a couple of years ago. If I'm wrong, blame my memory, not Paul's identification skills!

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    Yes Palmate Newts are widespread in Caithness.
    The Common (Smooth) Newt has not been recorded here but is present in Sutherland.

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    Palmate Newts are common in the bog pools on the RSPB's Dubh Lochan trail at Forsinard - a good place to see them, thanks to the flagstone trail that runs between the pools. But they are quite hard to spot.

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