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Thread: Cases from today's sheriff court session

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    Default Cases from today's sheriff court session

    Sheriff administers dose of custodial medicine to patient for ‘absolutely disgraceful’ behaviour at medical centre

    A WICK man, who caused a disturbance in a local medical practice, was jailed for six months at the sheriff court today.
    Sheriff Andrew Berry told John Williamson that such behaviour towards people in public service would not be tolerated. The accused has been struck off the practice register.
    Williamson (46) admitted behaving in an abusive or threatening manner towards doctors at the Riverview Practice, on September 8.
    Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, said that Williamson, of Kennedy Terrace, Wick, appeared at the practice in the early afternoon and requested a specific type of medication. The request was turned down which triggered demands from Williamson
    Mr Barclay continued: “He then began to shout and swear at the doctors, the ‘f’ word featuring prominently. The commotion was heard by two other witnesses.”
    Williamson left the medical centre and the police were contacted.
    Mr Barclay added: “I am advised that Williamson has now been removed from the register of patients as a result of the incident.”
    Solicitor Steve Lafferty said that the accused had been a patient at the practice for three years prior to the incident and there had been no difficulty during that period.
    Williamson was his infirm father’s main carer and Mr Wilson went on: “I have spoken to his father and he advises me he would find it difficult if the son was no longer able to look after him. The accused is concerned about the impact a custodial sentence would have on his father. The offence is a nasty one but was not premeditated. Williamson wanted to get medication to assist with his alcohol problem but accepts he should not have reacted the way he did. He has been struck off and does not have a doctor just now.”
    Sheriff Berry described the accused behaviour as “absolutely disgraceful”.
    He told him: “It seems to be necessary, in the public interest to bring home to you and anyone else who thinks they can behave this way towards doctors and others in public service, that it will not be permitted.”

    Alleway attacker must compensate victim and stay out of trouble

    A YOUNG Dunbeath, man who attacked a 13-year-old in a Wick lane, escaped a prison sentence.
    Adam Hope (21) was ordered to carry out the maximum period of unpaid community service, 300 hours, and pay compensation to his victim of 300.
    Hope had previously admitted the assault described by the sheriff as “every parent’s worst nightmare”.
    The 13-year-old was on his way to a supermarket, during the late afternoon on May 4 when he encountered a crowd in Back Bridge Street. As the boy passed, one of them, Hope, struck him on the head. The lad was distressed when he returned home and the police were contacted.
    The boy was unsure of the name of his attacker, but CCTV footage and an identity parade pinpointed Hope as the assailant and he subsequently admitted the assault.
    Solicitor Neil Wilson said that Hope, of Castlehill Croft, Dunbeath appreciated he was “in a very difficult situation” given his record and the fact that the offence had been committed while the accused was on bail. The accused found it difficult to occupy his time when not working and had been associating with the wrong kind of people and had consumed too much drink.
    Mr Wilson said, however: “He has to take responsibility for his actions and it seems there a clear pattern of him getting into trouble while he is unemployed. He has reached the stage in his life when he is old enough and mature enough to realise the error of his ways and any help would be useful if he shows sense and doesn’t stray from the straight and narrow.”
    Sheriff Berry indicated that he would have been justified in sending Hope to prison for picking on a 13-year-old stranger, while the accused was subject to bail.
    The sheriff added: “If it wasn’t for the fact that you are now in employment and may have turned your life around, you would certainly have gone to prison. If you don’t co-operate with the authorities, you can expect to go into custody.”

    Reports called for on near three times drinks driver

    THE sheriff called for reports on a drinks-driver who was nearly three times the legal limit.
    The accused, Daniel Ross, of School Place, Forss, admitted driving with excess alcohol in Thurso on October 12.
    An off-duty policeman became suspicious about the manner of Ross’s driving and informed his uniformed colleagues. Tests revealed a blood-alchol level of 234mls, almost three times the legal limit of 80mls.
    Due to a problem with the police intoximeter, a blood sample was taken from the accused.
    Sheriff Berry said he took into account that Ross had pleaded guilty at the earliest possible stage but added: “The reading is extremely high and is only a little below the three times mark. I see that the accused was previously disqualified in excess of the minimum period, which would also indicate a relatively high reading.”
    Ross (48) was given an interim disqualification until he appears for sentence on February 13, when the sheriff will see reports to ascertain if there are any underlying considerations in the accused’s background.
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