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Thread: Vodaphone Again

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    Default Vodaphone Again

    The signal came back on yesterday, but has died again at about 5 this morning!!!!
    So phoned and complained "threated to stop contract but they said you signed up for the year" and there engineers are sorting the problem as we speak which is bull as i can see the mast!!!!!!
    Any one else having the same problem?????

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    Yes, my phone has been off and on for several days. I have complained before but was toldl there was nothing wrong with the service but to their credit Vodaphone got back in touch a few days later saying that yes there had been a fault at the local mast.

    To be honest, I can't be bothered looking up the number to complain to because at least it is saving me some money as I am Pay As You Go! To those on contract, if you give me their number I promise I will phone them!

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    vodafone are not very good swap to o2!!

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    I would love to swap but as my contract lasts until next december it looks like I am stuck with rubbish service, my phone works better abroad than at home it says a lot for vodafone!!

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    When it was down on saturday I noticed that it was workin up round frasers and the pennyland area but not down the street - I know it doesn't make it any easier for us vodafone users but just thought I'd let you all know!
    Islander & Good Lady

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    Quote Originally Posted by saxovtr View Post
    vodafone are not very good swap to o2!!
    Are you getting commission from O2? - That's the second time you've advised folk to change! In some parts of Thurso you don't get a great signal for O2, my friend has difficulty when at my house.

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