Raigmore signs the way
Patients and visitors attending Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, over the next couple of weeks will notice a number of changes with the building as the signage both inside and outside the hospital gets replaced.
Work has already begun in the Inverness hospital with the Estates Department clearing and painting the walls in preparation for the work to start.
The new signage, which is part of a wide range of work taking place to improve communications with patients attending for outpatients appointments, will start going up week beginning the 14th November with completion scheduled for the 20th.
Donna Smith, General Manager for the Patient Services Division at Raigmore Hospital, explained every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum but it will be noticeable that work is being carried out.
She said: “The project, which covers both internal and external signs, is to ensure that our patients have a much better experience when coming into the hospital from the moment they are on site. The hospital itself will be split into 10 zones and our aim is to have the majority of patients and visitors coming in the correct door and getting to the right department in a timely, efficient and effective way. While we will do our best to keep disruption to a minimum it will be obvious that there is a large amount of work taking place at the hospital and we would like to apologise for any confusion this may cause.”
Mrs Smith explained that another part of the work which is linked to the signage project is patient letters. Work is currently ongoing to ensure that all letters being sent out by the hospital will correspond with the new zones and department names. However there will be a transition period while the letters catch up with the new signage.
Mrs Smith continued: “We are doing what we can to minimise any confusion while this piece of work is being carried out. Some patients will have already received letters referring to the old department names but will be coming in to the hospital when the new signage is up. Again I would like to apologise for any confusion this may cause. Any patients coming in to the hospital, who are unsure of where to go, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff for assistance.
Patient letters are in the process of being changed and it won’t be long before all of them reflect the new signage in the hospital.”