Trustees aiming to breathe new life into their local hall
THE village hall is an important cornerstone of any rural community but the one at Auckengill but is not being used at anywhere near its full capacity.
Which is why the trustees have decided to do something about it and will take the first, practical step, on Saturday, in trying to reverse the trend. Greater use will necessitate a bigger car park and a move to extend it, is being made.
A digger has been obtained on a sponsored basis and the trustees are coupling the excavation project with an invitation to one and all, to come along and play their part in breathing new life into the St Clare Hall. At present, it is only used for regular whist drives and the ever-popular Burns night but the trustees are seeking to add to these events, considerably.
The trustees would welcome any ideas to achieve this end, so why not come along at 10am, and bring those imaginative thoughts, with you. The Caithness weather has been pretty poor but donít let that stop you. Take a brolly, just in case. I believe there will be a cup of tea and a biscuits on offer.
If you canít make it, then let Catherine Matheson have your thoughts in a phone call to her call, at Auckengill filling station, on 631418.
Local residents have the added incentive of getting the use of the hall free with electricity being charged at only cost, All thatís missing, are those extra events such as parties, dances, anniversaries, to help make its rafters ring on a more regular basis.