I'm looking for information on Alexander Sutherland, b abt 1620 Scotland, died in Virginia, USA. He is father to George, b 1660 in Virginia (VA), who was father to George, b 1695 in VA, who was father to George, b abt 1725 in VA, who was father to Captain John Sutherland, b 1752 in VA, who was father to both George and Dr. John Sutherland, b 1792. Now, George' son, William DePeiest Sutherland, b 1818, died defending the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas on March 6th 1836. His Uncle, Dr. John Sutherland was there and wrote the book: "The Fall of the Alamo" in 1860. I'm looking for the Scottish connection and that leads me to Alexander Sutherland, b abt 1620, somewhere in Scotland. Does anybody have any information about this Alexander Sutherland, specifically, where in Scotland he was born? Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Robert Sutherland