Twenty-four-hour focus on "what we do"

HIGHLAND COUNCIL is taking part in a 24-hour Twitter event next week called ‘What we do’ which is designed to raise awareness about the range of services councils provide across Scotland.
Most of Scotland’s 32 councils are taking part in the 24-hour event, which runs between noon on Tuesday September 27 and noon on Wednesday 28 September.
The council has 1,060 Twitter followers and on a daily basis tweets all its news releases and urgent service delivery messages.
Anyone wishing to keep up with the day’s activities should follow us at The council will tweet about services using the hashtag #whatwedo.
Council Budget Leader David Alston said: “The “What we do” event is an opportunity for the council to take part in a national initiative to experiment with what is rapidly becoming an important communication tool.
“Councils provide literally hundreds of services around the clock, 365 days a year, and this event will give service users a chance to see one day in the life of a council. We face challenging financial times but it’s important that people understand the kinds of services we provide even faced with those challenges. It’s very easy for people to focus only on the services they directly receive but there are so many more. Residents may also be surprised by the extent of our services and by the commitment which so many council employees demonstrate every working day.”