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Thread: Cases from today's sheriff court session

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    Default Cases from today's sheriff court session

    Jail for drug user whose bizarre wrong house claim was rejected

    A THURSO man, whose explanation for ending up outside a woman’s home was, that he had got the wrong house in his quest to find a drugs supplier, was again rejected today by a sheriff who jailed him for nine months.
    Scott Lindsay admitted behaving in a manner likely to cause fear or alarm at the house in Thurso, on July 28.
    The court was told previously, that the woman, who is in her thirties, suddenly became aware of someone attempting to peer through her window, late at night. She lifted the blind to reveal Lindsay, who indicated he had got the wrong house.
    The accused, who lives in Sweyn Road, Thurso, told police he had been trying to get in touch with a friend to get a couple of joints of cannabis.
    Sheriff Andrew Berry called for reports, commenting that the scenario was “highly unlikely”.
    When Lindsay returned to court, today, to be sentenced, his solicitor, Neil Wilson said there had been a history between the accused and the woman, but added that it was nothing more than coincidence that he had had gone to her house on the night in question. Mr Wilson said that Lindsay (35) expected a custodial sentence, but appealed to the sheriff to take the fact that the accused had been on remand since July 29, into consideration.
    Sheriff Berry said it was a matter of agreement that the woman was a person with whom the accused had previously been involved, and rejected the explanation that he gone to buy cannabis, as the sheriff put it, by “an astonishingly circuitous route” and “bizarrely” ended up, peering through the very same woman’s window during the hours of darkness.
    The sheriff said that Lindsay had a significant history of offending and his record included a breach of probation and added: “ You don’t appear to be grasping the importance of not offending.”
    Lindsay (35) was also made subject to a non-harrassment order, banning him from making contact with the woman or entering the street where she lives. The prison sentence is back-dated to July 29 when the accused was taken into custody.

    Speeder reached 110 mph

    A driver, clocked by police travelling on the main A9 in Caithness, was fined 750 and banned from driving for a year.
    John Munro, of Quarry Edge, Weydale, will also have to resit his driving test, once the period of disqualification comes to an end.
    Munro (39) said to be trying to rebuild his business, admitted driving dangerously near Georgemas on May 10.
    Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay said that it appeared to police officers that the accused was approaching them at an “excessive speed” and their electronic gun confirmed it. Mr Barclay said that the road is straight stretch of road running into a slight bend, followed by another straight stretch, with two exits leading off the main road to houses.
    Solicitor Mr Wilson told the sheriff that Munro appreciated that he had been travelling at “a grossly excessive speed.”
    The accused was currently experiencing financial difficulties. His company has gone bankrupt and he was trying to rebuild the enterprise which is wife had restarted, and support the family. The lack of a licence would mean that other people would have to take over the driving side of things.
    Sheriff Berry commented: “It is clear to me and everyone else, that driving at this speed, is wholly inappropriate.”

    Attempt to resume romance failed

    AN ATTEMPT by Logan Foord to rekindle his romance didn’t have the sort of “smashing”outcome he had hoped for ...he was turned down, and took his frustration out on a bar window.
    Foord (28) admitted behaving in a disorderly manner outside the Newmarket Bar, in Thurso, on June 12 and causing damage.
    Senior fiscal depute, Mr Barclay said that the accused had been in a relationship with a woman, but they had split up some months earlier. The two met by chance, at the bar, although in separate companies.
    Mr Barclay said that shortly after 10pm,Foord was speaking to the ex-girlfriend, outside, and was, in effect, trying to “woo her back”. His overtures failed and she went back inside, to the sound of breaking glass-the accused punching a window.
    Solicitor Mr Wilson said that Foord, of Upper Burnside Drive, Thurso, had taken his frustration out on the window after the attempt to win back his ex-girlfriend had not gone the way he wanted. The incident was witnessed by a passing police officer.
    Sentence was deferred on Foord for six months to allow him to demonstrate he can behave himself.

    Accused turned to drink after girlfriend jilted him

    A BROKEN romance was stated as part of the reason Stefan Sutherland breached a curfew order.
    It was stated he began drinking again on August 13 after hearing that his girlfriend had started a relationship with someone else. However, explained, solicitor George Mathers, the accused went out to a barn as his parent don’t approve of him drinking, and fell asleep. When police arrived at his home, the Morrings, Occumster, to check he was adhering to his 7pm-7am curfew, he was not available to confirm that he was.
    Mr Mathers said that Sutherland (23) had been “a complete idiot who had brought shame on his family”.
    Sheriff Berry who observed that Sutherland’s record included breaches of bail and probation and defeating the ends of justice added: “Individuals have to understand that bail orders are made to be complied with and not repeatedly breached. I take the view, that, not withstanding the helpful information I have been given, a custodial sentence is appropriate.
    Sutherland was jailed for four months backdated to August 15.

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