Hi, I saw the post regarding Vicki Dunnets entry in the Fab Den competition. My daughters entry has also been shortlisted - It looks like a very lucky competition for us Caithness folk. I wasn't sure if I should be starting a new thread but I didn't want to piggyback on Vicki's.

My daughter Hannah would also LOVE it if her dream was to be made a reality. She is 3 years old, so her design is fairly shocking and its taken a lot of persuasion to get her Dad to agree that she can have our sitting room transformed into this but we really need help from the public if it's going to happen.

As the top 3 finalists all get their Den make over I would love people to vote for her entry which is under my name, Claire Hughes, as well as for Vicki's entry.

Please vote for both of their designs here. http://www.myfabland.com/design%2Da%2Dden/?sub=entry&id=237&index=8

Thank you, Claire and Hannah xxxx