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Thread: Storm

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    Quote Originally Posted by zebedy View Post
    does that mean, jeid under name shud be

    MOD ROCK.. haha

    sorta like DOC ROCK

    btw Doc rock, The Box o Bananas were excellent, Of what I got to see of them. i was workin in e weigh inn that night. very powerful, and sum guitarist there!

    Do they have a web site?
    Glad you enjoyed the Bananas Zebedy. We enjoyed the whole weekend, best laugh in ages. Almost as funny as the last lot of blogg on this thread. There is no end to the amusement on this forum."keep up the good work folks" is their web site address. They will be coming back up at some point, so we can go Bananas again.
    Asinus asinum fricat

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    this has to be the funniest thread i've seen to date,keep it up lads cause it's brilliant lol
    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

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    Default Tillers Folly!!!!!!

    Hey guys, a bit off the topic but go see Tillers Folly tonight in the newmarket at 8pm. great bluegrass band on tour of scotland for a month. (Some of you may know them as the band with Chuck Norris playing Fiddle & Mandolin followed by a series of roundhouse kicks)

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