NHS Highland Launch Local Newspaper

NHS Highland is producing its first local newspaper setting out some of the challenges facing the people of Highland and delivery of local health services.
Health Check”, which will be distributed to every household in the area covered by NHS Highland, should start dropping through doors from the week beginning 22nd August.
The eight page paper which sets out the Board’s plans and seeks the views of the public on them has been produced to ensure everyone has the chance to help shape the future of health services in the area.
NHS Highland Chair, Garry Coutts, said “It is really important that we let everyone know about the need for change but also for local people to have a say in the future of their health service. We know people love the NHS and are very concerned whenever they hear there are planned changes. We also know that with there being a lot less money around people are concerned this might result in damaging cuts.”
Mr Coutts continued: “We hope the paper will reassure people that we have plans in place that will ensure the quality of health care is maintained and that we will always be available to people if they need us. If however local people think that what they read does not make sense or will damage the health service we want to hear from them.”
The paper will be produced and distributed for a cost of £16,000 or the equivalent of 14p per household.
Mr Coutts added: “We know some people will say we should only spend money on front line services rather than producing a newspaper but we have an obligation to tell people what is happening in their health service. This is not something we have done before but the scale and pace of the changes that are likely to take place in the next few years are such we feel we have to go the extra mile so everyone knows what is going on and has the chance to comment.”