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Thread: Sexton Beetle ? ? ?

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    Default Sexton Beetle ? ? ?

    My daughter came running up the stairs last night saying there was a HUGE ladybird flying round in the kitchen. She caught it in a glass and we had a look at it. Its approximately 1/2" long predominantly black with 2 orange stripes (almost wasplike in colour) and has 2 long antennae with orange ends. She checked it out online and it 'appears' to be a sexton beetle which we believe are only usually found in south England. Is it a sexton beetle and if so do they regularly venture this far north? Any ideas about what to do with it anyone dont want to hurt it !!

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    Dont think they are rare up here, I have seen them outside our house a few times, so I would just let it go.
    They can be atrracted to the light like a moth.
    Away with the birds

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    Hi Mark

    I agree with Kas - Sexton Beetle is common in Caithness and I usually get two or three in my moth trap at this time of the year. As the name suggests they live on dead animal matter and will give off a very pungent smell if they get annoyed.


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    We had one around our garden last year - amazing creature, hopefully it was just lost though as they live off dead animals like mice etc. and if they are near your house it may mean there is a rotting carcass of something or other - they bury a carcass and lay their eggs next to it so the offspring have a plentiful supply of food.

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