End of the road for ‘yellow brick’ lanes

WICK’s colourful lanes, dubbed yellow-brick-roads by some locals, are to be toned down.
They rubbed their eyes in amazement and contemplated sunglasses after Highland Council workmen made a start on the vennels off the main town centre streets, yesterday, as part of an environmental improvement programme.
However, the "summer traffic yellow" paint applied by council workmen came up somewhat brighter than had been anticipated, in Miller Lane, Adam Lane, Kirk Lane and part of Anderson Lane, predictably sparking a spate of comments, for and against. One wag remarked that he was all for brightening up the town but the council had gone too far.
A council spokeswoman said, today, that, initially, a paint that would give a buff coloured finish was used which didn’t have the desired effect and the canary yellow was employed to cover the ground again.
It had proved too bright and yet another coat would now be applied to tone down the “intense” yellow finish.