with coats of yellow paint!

WICK folk rubbed their eyes in amazement today as lanes leading off
the main streets began to turn canary yellow.
It was the handiwork of council workmen who had given road resurfacing
a new meaning. The walkways were sporting a coat of summer traffic
yellow, to give it its official name and it wasn’t a case of the paint
not being what it said on the tin.
Needless to say, the colourful makeover attracted a spate of comments,
for and against.
“The council are keen to brighten up the town but this is going a bit
too far”. “Hideous” and “hellish” were among other observations.
“Sales of sunglasses will soar” said one man. Another quipped: “Are
the local thespians doing Over the Rainbow, this year with the lanes a
set for Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”
A puzzled woman commented: “Maybe it’s a traffic management
thing.....stopping prams from lingering.” Her companion interjected:
“It’s not a statement by the SNP, is it?”. A tourist added: "I've
heard of painting the town red, but this is rediculous."
The work was actioned by Highland Council’s local community works
manager, Stuart Bell, but he had left his office for the day before a
comment could be obtained.
The canary walkways – there are three more lanes to be painted- were
news to the council’s communications department in Inverness but they
promised to look into it and make a statement, in due course.
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