Committee's first gala a success, says chairwoman

WICK gala week staged its grand finale on Saturday night with a bonfire and stunning fireworks display at the riverside.
Takings for the week have topped the £10,000 mark and the final figure is certain to be higher.
It was the gala committee’s first undertaking since it was re-formed and chairwoman, Donna Plowman was well pleased with the outcome.
She told the org: “The weather which is always a big factor, wasn’t outstanding but stayed dry which meant that none of the attractions had to cancelled or moved. Being our first year as organisers, meant it was a learning process for us and there are one or two items we will be looking to improve on, such as the mini-talent competition on the first day which didn’t get the response of previous years. It’s very much a learning curve and we’ll be inviting the public along to a post gala meeting, to get their reaction, later this year.”
Mrs Plowman added: “My committee worked hard and had a lot of support from various organisations and members of the public and would like to thank them. Without their help there wouldn’t be a gala. It’s not just about having fun but raising money for the benefit of the community.”