Hospital care led to £25k donation

A HOLIDAY to Scotland which ended with an unexpected stay in hospital has resulted in a donation of just over £25k for the Renal Unit at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness.
Véronique Peccoud, 43, from France, was visiting Scotland with a friend at the beginning of the year when she developed renal failure and bone marrow disease while travelling through the Highlands.
Initially treated at Belford Hospital in Fort William she was soon transferred to Raigmore Hospital where she received treatment including kidney dialysis before being allowed to go home and continue treatment.
So impressed was her friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, with the speedy diagnosis, treatment and care she received that he has donated just over £25k to the unit allowing them to buy a NxStage dialysis machine and new furniture for the day room used by renal patients on Ward 7C of the hospital.
Dr Stewart Lambie, Renal Consultant for NHS Highland, is incredibly grateful for the generous donation which will be put to good use and benefit a number of renal patients requiring treatment.
He said: “I think I speak for the department when I say we were overwhelmed when we heard about the donation, it is very generous and saying thank you just doesn’t seem enough.
“Véronique certainly didn’t have the holiday she intended to when she came to Scotland but I’m delighted we were able to diagnose and treat her before she was allowed to return home where, thankfully, her renal function has recovered.
Dr Lambie added: ““We have used the donation to buy a NxStage dialysis machine. This machine will allow a patient requiring dialysis to receive the treatment at home. Not only is this more convenient for them, especially with the rural setting we have here in Highland, but the more frequent, shorter treatments deliver better dialysis helping patients to feel better and to live longer.”
The machine, which the unit hopes will arrive by the end of the week, is quite compact allowing patients who do not have the room for standard equipment to opt for home dialysis. Once the new equipment arrives the first patient will then begin training on how to use it.
The opportunity has also been taken to buy new furniture for the day room used for renal patients being treated in a ward setting. The new chairs will offer increased comfort for patients and relatives visiting ward 7C.
Véronique was very happy with the treatment she received in hospital and hopes the donation will be put to good use.
She said: “My initial idea when I came to Scotland for Hogmanay was not to end up in hospital, but I have been so well treated and so warmly taken care of that I have only kept good memories of my week in Raigmore.
“My friend's donation is here to say thank you to all – the doctors, nurses and all the staff I have been in contact with. They all have impressed me.
“I have now almost fully recovered and will be back soon to a normal life. I will never forget this very special stay in Scotland, and especially the peaceful discussions we had with my friend in the Day Room of Ward 7C."