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Thread: Pinemartin 9-6-11

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    Default Pinemartin 9-6-11

    Spotted my first Pinemartin this morning while driving home.
    At first i thought in was a cat walking in the road near the grass verge but the way it walked was not quite cat like.
    Then when i got closer it was Wow! My wife and i were looking at the first Pinemartin we have seen in our life let alone in Caithness.
    It was a beautiful animal dark chocolate brown fur, evenly thick the full length of the tail, a big white patch on the chest and lovely small pointed ears.
    On seeing the car approach the Pinemartin went into the ditch at the side of the road then sliped away in the long grass heading towards the nearby woods.
    I had a car full of cameras but after our break in Shetland they were all packed away and buried under lugage.
    I may have a look same time same place tomorrow just in case it's a creature of habit.


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    We saw one in jan/feb.
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    Default Pinemartin 28.06.11

    Spotted our first one tonight, also sat beside road on verge, ran off as we drove past bt got full view of White chest and fluffy tail, fab!

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