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Thread: Sonnets

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    "The King of Buntings"

    He lights the morning daybreak with his glow,
    a ruby red reminder of the year,
    as vivid as the sun as it sinks low,
    The crimson wings of Cardinal is here.

    His faithful wife in varied shades of brown,
    She Follows him wherever he must go,
    From branch to branch they slowly flutter down,
    To stand out clear against the winter snow.

    Upon his head a crown of scarlet spears,
    A King of Buntings with a regal flair,
    His age old song carresses o'er my ears
    And adds a trace of beauty to the air.

    A Cardinal is beauty to the eye,
    The finest thing in red that god made fly.

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    I just discovered, upon perusing this thread that I posted my sonnet "On Love" twice. Please excuse this minor, mental aberration. Surprised that no one made me aware.
    Here is another sonnet.

    On Youth.

    I remember well the days of youth,
    The halcyon summer days of time gone by,
    A time when everything was seen as truth,
    And never seen, the need to utter lies.

    I was Dan Dare, John Wayne and Jesse James,
    Flash Gordon, Charlie Chaplin and Tom Mix,
    I rode the fastest horse upon the range,
    And sailed the stars in supersonic ships.

    Alas these years are far behind me now,
    No more am I the hero or the clown,
    The freckled skin replaced by wrinkled brow,
    The energy of youth now running down.

    Are memories enough as life moves on,
    Towards that time when life will be long gone.

    In the image of God? You must be joking!

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    Brilliant, Gleber2! I fair enjoyed that!

    And like Oliver, I'm asking for more. Keep them coming, please!
    I am living for today, always remembering yesterday, and looking forward to tomorrow!

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    It's been much too long since anyone added anything to this thread......c'mon lets see them sonnets!

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    Oh my goodness Saveman, I hope you didn't hurt yourself dragging this one all the way back to the top!

    You are right - it's been much too long. With the long dark nights descending, let's put our Sonnet Caps on - OK who's first?

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    Now don't hold your breath, but I actually spent 15 minutes finding this thread about 2 weeks ago. I thought that I might give it a go now that I have a wee bit of 'sitting with foot up' time. I searched and found that oh so important Elizabethan rhyming scheme, AB AB CD CD EF EF GG.

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    Yesterday I stood upon a bridge of wood,
    The brown trout lazily did swim beneath,
    I wondered how and if with fly I should,
    But no would make the quiet water seeth.

    I watched the leaves drift down the stream,
    In shades of orange,brown and gold,
    I soaked up the sun as if in a hyazy dream
    And mused upon the past the times of old.

    When man was closer to the ancient land,
    When nature was his calendar.his clock,
    When red the berries glowed upon the strand,
    When the wild was not a laughing stock.

    And now all I have is the sight the sound,
    That will forever lurk in mind around,

    OK I know it's not good but been a while sine I turned my attention to this!

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