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Thread: E Chimbley at e Harbour

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    Default E Chimbley at e Harbour

    Div ye mind e chimbley at e harbour
    Where we played in days gone by?
    A massive, huge, beeg structure
    That reached up till e sky.

    When we made oor way till Shaltigoe
    Doon e Steppies it wad catch yur eye
    An on e hot boiler at e back
    Wur herring we wad fry.

    Uncle Bobby wad stoke e fire
    E coals so red and hot
    The sweat was drippin off his broo
    A dryness in his throat.

    But he always had a smile for us
    "Come in an see my fire"
    An in wed go sae nervously
    The flames reaching higher and higher.

    Oot again in the bright daylicht
    Wed look up at e chimbley
    Sqeezing our eyes very ticht
    The first glimpse of e smoke till see.

    But now the chimbleys getting ould
    An doon it has till come
    Brick by brick they dismantle it
    To a final Resting Home.


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    Great poem trinkie,can ye mind cookin herren on ae chimbley a never thot ye wis at ould.!!!!!!!!

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    Default E Chimbley

    Thank you Southview, you are very kind.

    Yes, 1892 was a great year for the Herring - I remember it well.

    Thanks for the Good Reps too..... I had no idea so many of us were frying herring on the hot Boiler !


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