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Thread: Why the best evers!?

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    Question Why the best evers!?

    Not just on here but in general why are there so many compilations going around .Have we run out of ideas or are we just stuck in the year 2000 mode.

    For example best films ever, best music ever, top films ever ,best soap ever etc.Channel 4 continue to spin them out.
    Is it because there cheap to make or what?
    Compilations of albums from artists long past there best some resurrected from who knows where.
    Magazine compiling the best films of Robert de Niro,Bill and Ben and Napoleons greatest battles etc!

    CD Compilations,extra extra stuff gone by but never seen.....

    Is it the fault of 'men behaving badly' or

    Have we some how been conditioned through biblical teaching over the centuries to thinking things are about to end and we're trying to make some sort of obituary to our existence ?

    Is there and underlying fear that things are about to end in some tragic way, war , weather or worse.

    Or are we so lacking in peace we haven't the time to see beyond now and are stuck in a loop?

    Oh no I've compiled a list of reasons here...oh well let me be the last!
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    Patience is the ability to put up with someone you'd like to put down.

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    Its called nostalgia mostlyharmless.Folk(including masel)love looking back to memories.Ye think the telly,football,the songs,etc. of the old was good and that all the things of today are nothin.Although ye couldnae beat the sweets of that sugar.mmmmmmmmm.

    Oasis are heroes.Their music company wants them to release a Greatest Hits,but they argue they have a lot more music to write.The record company says if ye don't release a new album,then we will release the Greatest Hits.I think at the end o' the day it comes down to money.What will make the most money.....a new Oasis album or the Greatest Hits.
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    Nostalgia hmm maybe part of it can't remember it happening to the extent it does now though it seems as though we've run out of idea's.
    Nostalgia is happy looking back at better times now we are looking back at any time within the last couple of generations for inspiration .
    Have we run out of dreams?
    Patience is the ability to put up with someone you'd like to put down.

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    Possibly because there is 'nothing new under the sun'. All the best programmes/songs/films/comedies/parties/concerts/etc. have already been done. There are no modern equivalents, for example in comedy TV the Young Ones was ground breaking, everything that followed was simply derivative (Men Behaving Badly etc). In music where are today's stadium filling acts? There are none, only the originals can still fill a stadium: the Stones, the Who, Pink Floyd etc.

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