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Thread: Burnistoun theme tune... 'Thurso'?

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    Default Burnistoun theme tune... 'Thurso'?

    Anyone watch the new BBC Scotland show 'Burnistoun'??

    Apparently the theme is called 'Thurso' and is by a Glasgow based band called Over The Wall.

    Anyone shed any light on this? Coincidence or are they local?
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    I came across this song a few years ago but couldn't find a link behind the band and Thurso. I sent them a message on facebook but they ignored it.
    As to the relevance to the program? Well I only saw a few minutes as it was so ridiculous but it seems to represent a typical south west town so I would say they just went with it for the sound, not the name.

    Just found this thread:

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    Default Thhurso connection

    Hi WeeRob In reply to your post yes there is a connection to Thurso all be it distant. The band Over the wall is made up of two guys one (Gav) is from Bathgate and has family connections in Thurso. I belive the tune was chossen for the music and not the towns name. Gav has stayed in Thurso many times over the years and know the area well. P S the band have embarked on a tour of Britian ( Around Britian in 80 Days) wich include dates in Thurso and Stornoway. hope this helps grant.

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