Turbines project gets a favourable wind

HIGHLAND councillors have given Caithness county’s latest windfarm project the thumbs up, after a site visit and a round-the-table presentation.
The decision, taken today at a meeting of the authority’s Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross Planning Applications Committee, will see the construction of nine, 160 metre high turbines at Burn of Whilk, near Lybster, which also got the backing of council officials.
However, there was strong opposition by 148 objectors to the development by Npower Renewables Ltd, with fears being expressed that the turbines would represent “a monstrous intrusion into one of the finest untouched landscapes in northern Europe” and would impact adversely on the amenity of nearby householders and their health, from low level soundwaves and flicker.
Opponents also claimed that the noise of the turbines would detract from the tranquility and scenic beauty of the area and affect archaeology and monuments, and wildlife, including protected species.
However supporters of the windfarm countered with arguments about the need to address climate change concerns and secure a clean energy supply and also claimed the electricity generated, would significantly help to meet government renewable energy targets and help sustain local families and businesses.