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Thread: Clip From The Wick New Year Street Party For 2011

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    Default Clip From The Wick New Year Street Party For 2011

    Here is a short clip from the bells at Market Square, Wick to welcome in 2011. A big crowd turned out and the weather was much warmer than in recent weeks.

    Photos from the Wick New Year Party can be seen at

    Wick’s Hogmanay party-the reel thing! - Noel Donaldson
    WICK gave 2011 a tumultuous welcome at its biggest attraction of the year. About 2000 people, mainly young folk, crowded into the Market Square for the annual Hogmanay bash.
    Earlier in the day, it looked as if the celebrations would be at risk, because of “smoorie” rain and a stiff wind. However, the adverse conditions abated in the early evening, to provide revellers with near-perfect weather for the event.
    As always, it was around 11pm before the party really got into its swing and the guests began to warm to the excellent music supplied by the band, Chicken Pickers and the piping duo, the Harvey Brothers, who soon had the younger generation bopping. Soup, pies and sausage rolls, provided by J.D.Weatherspoon, helped keep the cold out, along with revellers’ personal alcohol supplies with which to toast 2011.
    Noel Donaldson, press secretary, for the organising committee, H.A.P.P.Y (Hogmanay and People’s Party Yearly) said: “It was a fantastic night. The fact that the crowds keep on turning out, year after year, speaks volumes about the event’s popularity. The band, and pipers Andrew and Craig Harvey again did us proud, keeping things moving and combining to create that traditional Hogmanay atmosphere. I thought the Chicken Pickers’ unaccompanied version of Molly Malone, was quite something.”
    The organisers had to contend with a couple of hiccups...the web cam, again organised by Paul Broad width through local website,, experienced a last minute, technical, hitch, denying exiles around the world, the chance to sample the Hogmanay fare, back home. For the same reason, the chimes , heralding the New Year, couldn’t be broadcast.
    Mr Donaldson said: “These considerations, while regrettable, didn’t detract from the overall success of the party and I’m sure can be overcome for next year”
    He added: “One thing that did concern us, was, that, despite pre-party pleas to revellers not to bring along their drams in glass containers, several appeared to ignore the appeals. Broken glass was again in evidence posing an obvious risk to adults and children alike. All we can really do is to keep plugging the danger and hope that it doesn’t take an accident to bring it home. Greater use of the wheelie bins for rubbish would also make life easier for committee members and volunteers, who, after all, are entitled to expect to be able to catch up on their celebrations, as soon as possible, after tidying up the post-party aftermath.”
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    Thumbs up

    Cheers for that Bill.

    Happy New Year!
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    Good video.

    Do they all look so young, or is it me getting old.
    Probably the latter
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    Cheers for the clip....brightened my day...thanks.

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